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Terms and Conditions
Wedding Flowers

Upon booking House of Blooms, you are agreeing to your wedding flowers estimate and the Terms and Conditions set out below.


The prices quoted are subject to change, should you/we change the style, size of arrangement or particular flowers used. We will consult with you on this.

If your wedding is more than 12 months away (at time of booking), we will revisit your flower costs 12 months before your date. This allows for fluctuations within the flower sector. We will consult you in the event that this affects your costs.


We will create a mood board for you, in your wedding colour scheme. This is an aesthetic guideline for your wedding flowers - we cannot guarantee a particular flower. There are occasions where certain flowers are unavailable at the time of buying. We will use our discretion to source a suitable alternative in this instance.

A non-refundable booking fee is payable at the time of booking. This is 10% of your total wedding flowers estimate. Once you have paid your booking fee, you will receive email confirmation of your booking.


We will have a full run through of your wedding flowers with you (by phone/video) 6-8 weeks prior to your wedding date. Any changes discussed here (or beforehand) must not reduce the total amount by more than 20%.


Your balance must be paid at least 4 full weeks prior to your wedding date. Your flowers cannot be ordered until full payment is made.

When using our props/vases/urns, these will be collected from your venue the day after your wedding, unless otherwise arranged. Should any items be lost/damaged/broken, we will require full reimbursement for the item(s) to be replaced.


We ask that you share professional photos of your flowers with us, if you are happy to do so. We aim to use these for our website, social media etc. We will always credit the photographer for any professional photos we use.


Contingency planning


If something were to happen out of our control, meaning we could not deliver your wedding flowers, we work with a network of other professional florists that we can call on in these such rare instances.



Cancellation of your wedding within 6 months of your wedding date, will mean loss of your booking fee.


3-6 months prior to your wedding – 50% of your balance and booking fee is payable.

1-3 months prior to your wedding – 75% of your balance and booking fee is payable.

Up to 1 month prior to your wedding – 100% of your balance and booking fee is payable.

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